5 Popular Model Train Accessories Most People Have

I remember the first time I built a model train. It was a simple railroad circle, just a plain railroad with a train, no landscaping, no scenery, even a building or vehicles.

But it doesn’t take long to get and start adding accessories to the railroad. I recommend you to add more accessories step by step, piece by piece.

Every accessory is different and each model rail enthusiast has their favorite accessories, but in my opinion, there are 5 popular accessories that most of them have.

1. Train Station

Mostly this is the first item that most of the people add to their layout. I have a train so I must have the station. The station will give the railroad a starting and an end point.

2. Lighting

Lighting is also great. It will give a dramatic effect to your layout. There are two kinds of lighting. The first one is background lighting, which can give a great ambiance effect to the background. And the second one is the real street lighting, which can light up at night and give a great dramatic effect to the street.

3. Rail Cars

People mostly buy a locomotive model, but railcars can be another choice.

4. People and Animals

If you already have a great scenery, trains, lighting, then it’s time to add people and animals. People will give an impression that there is life in your layout. If you have mountain or hills then it also great to add some animals.

5. Landscaping

You can add many things like grass, lakes, rivers, trees, etc, to create more detailed scenery. If you want the more realistic view, then you also can add hills, valleys, or maybe a mountain with a tunnel through it.

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