Antique Model Lionel Trains, One Of The Legend In Model Train Industry

For most of the railroading hobbyists, Lionel Trains will surely ring a bell. In the history of railroading, no other railroad model has surpassed the popularity of Lionel trains.

Kids in the 1940’s and 50’s mush have earned a big fortune by now if they still get hold of antique model Lionel trains. During those times the increasing prominence of Lionel trains was enormous that almost all kids must have owned a piece of the Lionel train. However, the so-called golden era of the famous locomotive name started in the 1920’s.

When Lionel trains first became a household name in the toy industry, it produced hundreds of toy trains, particularly for kids. Today the same name has been the latest craze among hobbyists. Those who owned antique model Lionel trains like the State set which measure nine feet with twelve wheels engine will sure rake in more fortune if the train is auctioned.

One of the antique model Lionel trains is the Liberty Lines 600E 2-6-4. This locomotive model measures approximately three feet. According to Train Collectors Association (TCA), which is the group of people who are staunch followers of antique model Lionel trains, the Liberty Lines is an extension of its predecessor the Lionel 400E which was manufactured sometime in 1030’s.

Today, the Liberty Lines 600E model locomotive is truly one of a kind antique model Lionel trains. In fact, this same model locomotive has been hailed as the primary rival of yet another priceless locomotive the Lionel Super 381E.

The latter is now one of the attractions in Historical Society Museum in Williamsport Pennsylvania. By now there are only a handful of hobbyists and collectors who are proud owners of one of the oldest model yet excellently crafted Lionel trains because there were only one hundred pieces that were produced.

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